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About Us

The genesis of Talentio in 2016 is the frutification of the market need to have access to realistic, measurable, reliable, and industry oriented training programs that DELIVER RESULTS.

Strong Management Team

Backed by a team of strong Leaders who have over 2 centuries of expertise in leading organisations like IBM, Indian Airforce, Merittrac, TCS, TechMahindra, LG Life Sciences, FastBooking India (Subsidiary of ACCOR) in the areas of Talent Management, Talent Acquisition, Employee Engagement, Learning and Development, the organisation is having the right understanding of what is required to help the students to get their dream jobs.

They have become thought leaders by virtue of their contributions in the above areas to the industry at large.

Our scientific approach to training driven by Data Analytics focuses on Driving Right Behaviour, Right Training for Right Group, ensuring trained graduates who could be productive for industries from day one. 

Our Differentiators

We firmly believe in the age old saying “Where there is a Will there’s a Way“, we therefore focus on developing the Will, while we build the Skill in our students.

We act as enablers to the students in their journey to get equipped to be gainfully employed

Our programs are focused more on Habit Building for it (Habit Building) is the foundation of all Success.

We don’t believe in the quote “One size fits all”, our programs are highly customised and based on the current levels of the students and the requirements of the colleges.

However, if the college wants to choose any of our off the shelf training programs, they have a variety of the programs that they can choose from.

In short, Talentio’s curriculum focuses on continuous learning and real-life applications of knowledge.

Our Focus Areas

Our Student Centric approach to training focuses on the following key metrics

Placement for all

Increase in high package salaries

Better job profiles

Reduction of training costs

Reduction in college hours

Better recruiting brands

Talentio’s Approach

Comprehensive Skilling Strategy from 1st to 4th Year

Consistent learning interventions throughout the 4 years have been found more helpful than last year cramming.

Ecosystem for immersive learning & transformation

Talentio’s training methodologies create the right environment for your students to flourish!

Drive the right behaviour

Habit formation requires driving right behaviour consistently.

Right Skill Training for the Right Group

Segregation & appropritate Pathing of right curriculum for right set of groups.

Industry Exposure & Interview Preparation

Technical/ Aptitude/ English/ Communication/ Cognitive Gaming would aid in best preparation for your students to face the industry interviews with ease.

Round the Year Engagement

Practice/ Assessments/ Contests and more throughout the year would make the students sharper, better and prepared.

Continuous Engagement

Mentoring, hand-holding, answering questions, clarifying doubts help the students to become more confident.

Collective Mentoring & Handholding Coaching

In association with the institution, we ensure that the students are prepared well for the corporate interviews.