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Talentio – Your Partner In Training and Development Journey

Every organization needs fresh graduates who can be productive on their work from Day one. Unfortunately, our archaic education system doesn’t equip our students in the application of knowledge and the latest developments in technology or changes as required by these organizations.

Our leaders, who have vast experience in guiding the L&D journey of great organisations, add value to our more scientific approach to wholesome training.

We are always ahead of the curve, that is why our curriculum focuses on the business requirements like Critical Thinking, Decision Making, Team work, Leadership along with building the technical and non technical skills that are required for the students in the modern day business world.

We know that willingness is the key to success of any transformational program. That is why our Life modules focus on preparing students with a strong foundation, and on building the will before we develop the skill.

Our sustained guidance / mentorship gives the students an impactful start for the years that follow. Afterall, a career is a life changing decision.

How does Talentio have the highest placement ratio of 8:10?

Talentio’s curriculum focuses on continuous learning and real-life applications to develop those capabilities and demonstrate them too. 

Talentio is changing how training programs are delivered.

We feel that an amalgamation of 1) Driving Right Behaviour, 2) Right Training for Right Group, 3) Data Analytics results in Highly Employable Talent for Industries

Our training focuses on

•    Goal-oriented modules
•    Customized training
•    Root-cause/Grass-root analysis and gap identification
•    Student-based approach
•    Continuous student engagement
•    Measurable and identifiable success metrics
•    Mentoring, hand-holding and onboarding
•    Soft skills and behavioural modules



Increase in high package salaries

better job profiles


better recruiting brands

reduced training costs


reduced college hours

That’s why we say, when it comes to Training and Development of your Students, there is no better partner than TALENTIO

Talentio Programs 

The programs and courses are designed diligently to effectively utilize every day of the training program in order to create maximum impact. 

Strong in Aptitude, Reasoning, and Coding, Talentio’s programs are aimed at not just preparing students and maximizing selection to get a job in their favourite organization,  but making them career ready. 


Talentio Curriculum