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Leave Your Hiring Worries To Us



One of the biggest challenges most growing organisations face is getting the Right candidate who can be Productive from day one.

Catch Them Young

Getting fresh and young talent at less cost leading to reduced overall per head people cost

New Perspectives

Helps in gaining new and fresh solutions to the business problems

Fresh Blood

High energy and hence will be able to spend long hours where necessary

More Work Focused

Comes with less expectation or lesser room for comparison

Malleable Graduates

Grooming to the organization’s culture becomes easy

Forward Looking

Good Listeners, enthusiastic learners with new views & perspectives.

Research has shown that organizations who have invested heavily on hiring fresh talent from Engineering and Business Schools have benefited a lot in the longer run in building the talent pool.

Despite the above outlined benefits, organisations are still deterred from hiring fresh graduates because of the high cost of training involved in getting them to be productive from day one, as our existing education system doesn’t support in holistic  development of students.

At most we get students who are conceptually sound but lack application and other skills as required by the modern business world.

How Does Talentio Make Fresh Graduates Industry Ready?

We at Talentio understand this better than anyone and hence our training programs not only focuses on building the technical, logical, verbal and other soft skills but also in developing the business acumen like critical thinking, decision making, presentation, Leadership, , problem solving, Agility and team work .

In short, we train for a job & aim for a career  focus on training the individual for a career and not just a job.

We have a strong pool of over 180 colleges where we train over 200,000 plus students to help you build your talent pool.
All this is at no cost to the company. So what are you waiting for, reach out to us to build your talent pool with the most productive workforce.